Where to Begin?

Crippling self-doubt? Sheer terror and a self-conscious blush at the temerity involved in launching a site about my own writing? With a hope that it will all pay off in the long run, and that it will establish a viable "online presence"? By dodging the derisive sneers of other insecure writers and people who can't quite figure out why I'm banging my head at this wall in the first place?

I'll take a knowing nod from an established writer and hope I don't seem too delusional or arrogant. That seems fair enough. 

I'll take friendly gestures from other people putting themselves out there in whatever way they're going. 

But...the fear is fierce.  

Maybe I should just throw this out there and run...

Nah. That all seems way too dramatic.  

How about we start by laying it all out on the line? You begin with something quite simple: a basic directive.

Write, asshat. Just write. 

My pep-talks need a lot of work, but there's truth there too.

I've tried to be straightforward about not having the answers. I may never have any tangible measure of success, but at the very least I can come out of this with a pile of stories that I've created because all the rest aside, I really like to write.  

That's what I need to do. Just write. 

I hope that this is the first post of many. I hope they'll get better over time. I hope I'll keep the asshattery to a minimum. 

No guarantees.  

But there never are, right?