Suspended in Dusk Limited Time Offer & Other Updates

The last couple of weeks have been consumed by Midterms and other chores, but I’ve finally come to a point where I can sneak in a blog post without much guilt. It’s time for updates.

Suspended in Dusk

Until 10/31/14 the anthology will be FREE over at Smashwords.


I’ve finally finished reading all the stories and I can wholeheartedly recommend the collection. Simon Dewar did a great job.

I’ve got a weakness for themes and this is my favorite kind. I very much enjoyed seeing how all the stories interpreted and handled dusk. There’s a lot of variety in sub-genre, style, tone, and form. I love that in an anthology.

Naturally, I’m a little biased toward loving the collection as a whole because my story appears in it, but there are eighteen other stories for me to experience fresh. This reader came away quite happy.

I found something to enjoy in every story, but I do have some favorites.

Alan Baxter’s “Shadows of the Lonely Dead” is getting a lot of mentions for good reason. It’s horrifying, but heartfelt. There’s some lovely imagery and quite a few memorable lines.

Chris Limb’s “Ministry of Outrage” hits a groove that feels like dystopic social satire and cuts like the greats. It’s chilling and I loved it.

Karen Runge’s “Hope is Here” is delightful and razor sharp. She’s brilliant.

Tom Dullemond’s “Would to God That We Were There” is a genre-bender SF horror piece. It’s claustrophobic, fascinating, and surprising. I’m on a Mars kick and this fit right in.

Sarah Read’s “Quarter Turn to Dawn” is an inventive take on sea-monsters and shambling horror. It’s got suspense and wicked turns of humor and I had a great time reading it.

Angela Slatter’s “The Way Of All Flesh” was the perfect ending to the collection. It’s one of those stories that makes me want to rush out and find more by the author. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that I loved the characters and the post-apocalyptic setting.

I’ve hit my self-imposed limit of six mentions, but it was a struggle. There’s humor, zombies, ghosts, meta-fiction, noir, westerns, and more.

And, you know, there’s this one about twins in an abandoned amusement park….

Did I mention it’s free for a limited time?

Achievements Unlocked

A couple weeks ago I achieved the first step toward fulfilling a professional goal.

I’m now a member of the HWA (Horror Writer’s Association). I’m so excited! I hope to someday make the sale(s) to qualify for the Active (pro) level. For now, I’m celebrating the middle tier. It’s a mighty fine place.

To commemorate this milestone on the writer journey, I ordered business cards. It’s a little embarrassing to admit how stoked I am about them. I know it’s a bit of window dressing, but it makes me happy anyway.

Now I just need to go places where I may have the need or occasion to hand them out. Otherwise, I figure my husband will soon tire of seeing them. Heh.

Fun Time

I’ve been reading (14, Gone Girl).

I’ve been watching TV (How to Get Away with Murder, Selfie, Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, The Voice).

I’ve been writing and submitting.


Now it’s time to finish up my outline for the third novella and other Cross Cutting business.

It’s great to feel the rush again.

I just need to get a lot of good work done before it’s time for Finals.


Thanks for stopping by!