What's Up? News, Updates, and All That...

It's midterm time and that always makes my schedule and stress level go a little crazy. I'm happy I've managed to keep the writing momentum going, but some projects get put on the back burner for longer than I'd like.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Welcome to adult life. It kind of sucks sometimes, but the rewards are also pretty sweet. Enough whinging. On to the news! 

1. I'm very excited to be able to say that the official announcement has been made for Suspended in Dusk, an anthology of dark fiction and horror. I'm so happy to be part of it. I'm even more pleased that the project is a go! 

The editor, Simon Dewar, invited me to submit to the project and I took him up on it. The idea sounded cool: a collection that used dusk or last light as inspiration. It sparked an idea and I submitted the resulting story. It was lucky enough to get selected. I was thrilled. The anthology hit a snag or two, but it had a fine champion. Now, Books of the Dead Press will be publishing it. 

I'll post updates about it as they're released. For now, I'll share the names that have been officially announced. The collection will include stories from Ramsey Campbell, Angela Slatter, and John Everson. 

2. I've been submitting stories regularly. The rejections folder has been collecting more stickers. I'm waiting for a few replies. One of my favorite stories has been forwarded on for a second read, so I've been crossing fingers and all that. I refresh my Duotrope way too often. It's mostly business as usual....

3. I've been trying a new approach to outlining and drafting--using a synopsis as a map. I'll write about it in more detail in another post, but this may be my pre-writing sweet spot. I've worked through two of three of them. When the third is done I'll have anywhere from three novellas to three novels, or something in-between. I know that sounds awfully chaotic, but I'm liking being in the mix. 

My main challenge has been to maintain discipline. I'm so excited about the story I want to dive in headfirst. I won't complain. That's a great place to be, especially when facing a longer piece. 

4. Blog post! Done. 

As always, thanks for reading. More news will come when I get it. Until then, I've got lots of writing to do.