On Tentacles and Travel: It's Update Time!

I've been busy and this summer is zipping by. 

Story tentacles: 

Last week another of my stories went live over at Garden Gnome Publications. It's a silly flash piece called "Inward, Outward, Forward" and I'm pretty fond of it. I wrote it as a palate cleanser while I was working on the novella. I'd hit a tricky spot and I needed a break. 

Around that time, work was handing out a bunch of administrative stuff...the kind of thing I don't enjoy fooling around with. (Who does?) I started to think about other jobs I've had, stories I've heard. And I knew I wanted to write something to poke fun at corporate culture and workers.

The next step started with the tentacles. Really. One of my friends from the writing group I belong to is a big fan of cephalopods. I thought it would be funny to work one into a story.

So I did. 

Once I had my main character, I started to play. I vented a wee bit of frustration and found fun in the whole situation. I may have giggled. Or not. No eye or ear witnesses have stepped forward.

Writing that story made me happy. I submitted it. It got rejected a couple of times and then the Garden Gnomes picked it up. That made me really happy. After that I could get back to work on the larger project. It was a WIN. 

I like those. 


I'm still in the midst of the two LitReactor classes. I've learned a lot.

Craig Clevenger's course has been excellent. I like to believe I pay attention to language, but he works with amazing precision and attention to detail. The course has made me think about scene construction and character interaction in a different way. It reinforced and made specific some things I was trying to do before. Cool.

Scott Lynch's course on Fantasy has been awesome so far. I'm starting to feel more of the pieces of a future WIP coming together. I've got lots to learn, but I'm looking forward to getting into that world and that story. By the end of the class, I'm betting I'll be feeling better equipped to face the challenge. 

I'll also have A LOT of work to do, but I trust it will be the good kind. 

Other Writing:

I'm still working on other projects. Really. I've got some short stories in the realms of Horror, SF, the Weird, and Dark Fantasy realms I want to finish. 

There's a bigger piece I'm working on as well. 

It's the routine. Write. Revise. Submit. Hope. Add a sticker to the Rejections folder or do a happy victory dance. Write. Revise... You know.  


The first of my big summer adventures is starting tomorrow. 

I'll be attending 4th Street Fantasy--a convention in Minneapolis, MN. Another friend from the writing group went last year and his stories about it were so awesome I just had to go to see for myself. A few days of single-track panel discussions about topics in fantasy fiction? With amazing pro writers and fellow fans and writers in conversation? Hells, yeah, I say. 

I have high hopes for it. 

I also have packing to do, so I'll close this post.