Updates and Notes from the Road

This is a post from the road--or about as close as I get to it, anyway. I'm in an air-conditioned hotel room writing on my iPad. Soon I will crack open a cider and finish the book I'm reading. It's a fine way to wind down after a day of sightseeing in Seattle. 

One of my favorite attractions is the EMP museum. Today's visit was the best yet. The music exhibit still features the punk/grunge focus. It's like looking at my music library from my college/grad-school days. I was delighted by the Lego buildings section too. 

But it is the Sci-Fi side that has always been the big draw for me. In the past my favorite parts of it were seeing the old paperback books. Adam read more SF than I did so he has more memories, but I recognize quite a few. There's something really satisfying about seeing covers from books you've grown up with.  

There are some cool props to see. I am a Doctor Who fan from way back so the Dalek and Cybermen pieces are cool. I really love watching fellow fans posing for pictures and having fun.  

Last time we were there I was excited about the Horror exhibit and I'm so happy it's still there. Adam isn't as enchanted by it, but he indulges me. I got to see Mister Pointy from Buffy, the axe from The Shining, Jason's mask, and Shaun's shirt. Video clips from a wide variety of horror films play in spooky little areas. It's awesome.  

But....today's special was a Fantasy exhibit. I geeked out so hard.  

I goggled over props and costumes from Princess Bride, Highlander, Labyrinth, and Game of Thrones. I admired the sketches and finished pages from Fables and Unwritten. My favorite parts were the manuscripts, maps, and letters. Seeing a page from Rothfuss was particularly cool. The letter from Le Guin to her editor about Earthsea and Ged was even better. I loved seeing behind the scenes. I loved feeling connected to things I like.  

I love being a geek and a fan.  

I've been both as long as I can remember. I expect I always will be.  

It's nice to be reminded of that.  

Thanks, EMP!  

Story Updates:

Two more stories have been published since I last updated.  

"Pirouette" is over at Every Day Fiction. It's a flash piece that features a couple of characters that I'm proud to say are terrible people. I wanted to see if I could write a very short piece that depended on some relatively sharp and fine turns to work. I had to cut, and cut, and then build before cutting again. I'm happy with it and am glad it found a place.  

The second is "Reminders". It's another free story and it's over on Crooked/Shift (link in Publications). That one has a longer story attached to it so I want to write a separate post about it. If you like horror in particular, I hope you'll check out the magazine and my story.  

The cover for Suspended in Dusk has been revealed. It looks great and I can't wait for it to be released. As far as I know, no specific date has been given, but it should be soon.  

Signing Off...

There's a cider calling my name. I'm almost finished with Steven Gould's Jumper. I hear the movie adaptation wasn't well received, but the book has been decent enough. It held my attention on yesterday's train and two flights. That says something good, I think.  

I don't know what I'll dive into next. Given my giddiness at the EMP, I think it needs to be a Fantasy.  

Until next time, then.