For the past seven days we've been at sea on an Alaskan cruise. I had a fantastic time and would go again without hesitation. I've always loved the water and I'm happy to say that nothing on the trip has changed that. I'm not sure how I would handle rough seas, but I'll take gentle rocking any day. It's remarkably relaxing. I'm not going to lie--naps were taken--but I didn't want to miss out on much.

The scenery alone is worth staying up for. It was stunning. Tree covered mountains, rocky shorelines, and water that went from greys and blues to aqua and bright green...gorgeous. If I had to choose a place to live on looks alone, Alaska would win my vote. The temperatures were cool (even chilly at times) so that worked for me too. It's probably a lot easier to get all twitterpated about it in summer. I have a feeling that the winters would humble me pretty quickly. 

I think I loved the glaciers the most. I've seen pictures, but I'd never been able to experience their sound: cracking, rumbling, groaning. It didn't hurt that we witnessed a spectacular calving--one impressive enough that our guides were running for their cameras before we made our getaway. 

I have notes and ideas for at least three short stories and a lot of inspiration for the novel I've got simmering deep in the brain. All that creative energy was invigorating. I was all fired up about my own writing, but I also found a lot of time to read. There are plenty of comfy nooks to settle into onboard. I had a chance to read American Gods while on the water. I've been meaning to read it for ages...and the time seemed right for some reason.  

I loved it.  

It felt like a perfect fit for the journey and it seems like a good sendoff for the next leg of our adventure. We'll be on a train from Seattle to Chicago for the next few days. I'm hoping to get some writing done on the journey. I'm looking forward to getting new inspiration.  

And, of course, I'm excited to be spending more time with Adam. We've both got our iPads loaded up and a trip to Pike's Place Market has filled a shopping bag with some provisions.  

Reality will set in soon enough, I know. Until then, I'm going to try to make the most of every moment. And when vacation is over I'll be able to console myself with more continuous access to WiFi. I've missed that!