Short Post: Reading Lists and Updates

I'm no different than a lot of avid readers. I've got a huge stack of books on my TBR shelf and I keep adding to it. I'm not really bothered--it's how I roll--but now that Fall semester is looming I've got to commit to maintaining a regular reading schedule. 

That pledge dovetails with a new section in the blog. I added a Reading List section. It's a list of books I am reading and have finished. If you're curious, my ratings and reviews are on my Goodreads account. I may add something like that over here, but for now I figure it might be enough to share what's drawing my attention. I'm thinking about including short stories too, but I might limit those to those that really stand out. 

I like to see what people are reading and I'm particularly interested in seeing what other writers are reading. So, um, yeah. I thought I'd share my own list.

This riveting blogpost may seem to indicate otherwise, but I've been doing more than just noodling about my site. I've been trying to get my brain out of vacation mode. I'm building on my Gen Con plans. I'm tackling the second novella in the Cross Cutting series. I'm reading and doing critiques. 

And I'm trying to contain my excitement over Suspended in Dusk. I've mentioned the anthology a few times before. It's taken another step on the road to release. Simon Dewar wrote about what he learned while editing it. You can read it HERE. It's an interesting post and I hope it stirs up curiosity. I'm itching to read the collection myself. There are a lot of kickass writers in it--and I feel really lucky to be in the mix. 

I'll post more information about it when I can. I'll work on a longer piece for this site too. 

In between all the other things, I'm going to sneak in time to continue reading The Girl with All the Gifts. It's been really good so far. 

Until next time, then. 

Thanks for reading!