2015: The Semi-Obligatory Year in Review Post

It was a pretty sweet year, all in all. 


  • Three of my short stories were published this year. "A Taste for Adventure" was in Allegory. "Sweet Nothings" was in EGM Shorts. "Layer by Layer" was in Urban Fantasy Magazine
  • "Layer by Layer" was my first pro short story sale.
  • The Thin, the first novella in the Cross Cutting trilogy came out in August. 
  • I wrote the other two novellas in the series. They are in the editing process queue. 
  • I became an affiliate member of HWA.
  • I attended two conferences: Fourth Street Fantasy and Gen Con. 
  • I taught ten classes. That's my job so it isn't really all that impressive. STILL.
  • I read 49 books (not including all the reading I do for work). 
  • I have a Good Reads author page and an amazon author page now. 
  • I wore an awesome Agent Peggy Carter costume for Halloween. 
  • I made new friends and kept most of the old ones. 
  • I kept working on this post even though Safari has crashed six times, reinforcing the rule: SAVE YOUR WORK. 

So what about 2016?

  • The Hollow and The Marrow (the second and third novellas in the trilogy) are scheduled to be published in 2016. 
  • I'm working on a short story for a very cool anthology. It's my first invitation! 
  • I've got ideas for at least three more short stories and a flash piece that I want to get down on paper--and hopefully out in the submission queue. 
  • I've started work on an outline for a fantasy novel. I'd like to finish the first draft sometime during the year. 


  • Improve my writing, as always.
  • Update the blog at least once a month, with a new goal of one entry every two weeks.
  • Do more reading. 
  • Write, submit, and get some acceptances/publications. 
  • Publish in a SFWA qualifying market so I can qualify to join. 
  • Participate in HWA more. Become a full member.
  • Maybe make a Facebook Author page? I don't know. 
  • Finish a novel, query it, and if it works out, find an agent. 
  • Attend more conferences. Meet new people.
  • And you know, keep having fun. 

I hope you have an excellent new year. Thanks for reading!