Writing Goals and Achievements Unlocked

Introductory W00ting! 

August is turning out to be a ridiculously awesome month for me. I'm torn between two main reactions. One is the impulse to celebrate my face off. The other is to take this energy and work, work, work. In light of that, I'm going to take a moment to share my progress and update my goals. 

Achievements Unlocked: 

  • Write a Novel. DONE. When I first started to get serious about writing again I tested myself to see if I could write a novel--and I did it. It was about a reformed gambler/terrible journalist who owes a gangster a favor. The favor leads him into an underworld of criminal guilds ruled by a secret monarchy. Also, there are a lot of clues driven by The Canterbury Tales. So, yeah, it's a bit of a mess, but I still love it despite its flaws. That's a good thing because it is going to be sitting in my trunk forever. 
  • Take Classes and Attend Conferences. DONE. I took a bunch of classes at LitReactor. I read craft books. I've attended Gen Con Writers' Symposium Events and Fourth Street Fantasy and I learned a lot. I'm not going to stop this. 
  • Get a Short Story Published. DONE. This was a major goal for me. I've talked about this before, but I was okay with submitting to semi-pro and even token markets if I thought they were cool. 
  • Get a Short Story Published in a Pro-Pay Market. DONE! I'm so excited about this one I can hardly stand it. I love the story and I'm so happy it has found a home. 
  • Write a Novella Trilogy: DONE. This one came about because my proposal/query was selected in an open-call by the awesome people at Apocalypse Ink. I have since turned in the drafts to all three novellas. The first is coming out this month. 
  • Join a Professional Writing Organization: DONE. I managed to qualify for the intermediate tier of the HWA with the story that appeared in the Suspended in Dusk anthology. 
  • Get an Invitation to Submit to an Anthology: DONE. I'm excited about this one, for sure. 
  • Meet cool writers, readers, and fellow geeks. DONE. 

New Goals: 

  • Write the Next Novel: I wrote the first to see if I could do it. I want the next one to be something more. I'm working on getting a fantasy novel together. If it is good enough, I'll be using it to pursue many of the other goals in this list. 
  • Find an Agent, Do the Work, Get a Book Published: I want to write a great manuscript and a great query so I can find a cool agent who wants to work with me. So, yeah, I've got lots and lots of work ahead of me. RAWR. 
  • Get a Story Published in a SFWA Qualifying Market
  • Join SFWA and become an active member in HWA. 
  • Attend more conferences. And, yes, I harbor a desire to be on a panel someday...maybe be invited to one someday.
  • Keep making friends and meeting cool new people--readers, writers, editors, awesome geeks...everybody. 

The best thing about all these goals is that it means I'm going to be doing a lot of something I love. And, of course, almost above everything else, I really hope my stories find readers who enjoy them. 

I'll have more things to share than usual this month, so I hope this means I'll be better about posting to the blog. I should really add this to my goals, shouldn't I? 

Thanks for reading!