Cover Reveal and Release Date for THE THIN

The cover for my first novella, THE THIN,  was revealed this past Thursday. Apocalypse Ink Productions did a stellar job with the cover design and I love it. There were lots of feels, as they say. The best part was seeing my character. I'm so excited to have other people see her too. 

I can hardly believe the release date is coming at last. I'm incredibly excited for August 15. I'm also pretty nervous too. I hear that's normal--even for people in the big time who have been through it all before. 

I can only speak for me. I am proud of what I've written and appreciate all the work that has been put into the novellas by AIP.  Here's the link to the AIP announcement. 

And here's the back-cover description: 

Trinidad O’Laughlin is descended from Wardens—guardians bonded to a territory by magic. She shares the gift, but has no place of her own. A distress call from Indiana may give her a chance at one—if she can survive long enough to take it.

Indianapolis is afraid. Twisted creatures known as 
The Thin have cut into our world and are preying on its people. The city can’t fight the monsters alone and Trinidad doesn’t have much time to forge a connection strong enough to make a difference.

The race, and the fight, is on. 

I've been trying to keep cool about it all. I don't think I've been doing a great job. I bounce between elation to fear and back again. 

Ultimately, I just hope this finds readers and that they like it. That seems reasonable enough. 

So now I need to squash the nasty voice of self-doubt because it's out of my hands now. 

It's time to Snoopy Dance. *CUE MUSIC*